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Rambler's Top100
Village «Sokol». Foremost co-op.

     «Sokol» was foremost building society co-op in the USSR. It was place north-west of Moscow, near Alabyana street and Volokolamskoe road. Co-or was comprising artists, educators, officials, scientists and workers of factory "Dielectric". Construction was continuing 1923-1930. Project was realize architect Vesnin, Markovybkov, Shusev, Kondakov, Kolly. The village «Sokol» had been basic street: Levitana, Surikova, Polenova, Vrubelia. Station metro has been name Sokol because it place near village «Sokol». Station metro «Sokol» was opening in 1938.
     In village «Sokol» was upbuilding 114 different house. Some house was realize in Russian style, some house was realize in Scandinavian style, some house was realize from bricken, some house was realize from timber panel.
     The first trolleybus line was trailblazing from village «Sokol» to downtown Moscow in 1933. In village «Sokol» was film well-known motion picture "Timur and his brigade". Each street of village has been own forest tree. In street Polenova growing Canadian maple. In street Surikova growing lime tree. In street Shishkina growing ash et-cetera.

Village «Sokol».
490 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».  118k 491 Вид на Ленинградский проспект от входа в поселок «Сокол». 
 Leningradskiy prospect view from entry of village «Sokol» 149k 492 Поселок «Сокол».   Village «Sokol».   170k
493 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   212k 494 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».    210k 495 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   207k
496 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   201k 497 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».    195k 498 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   165k
499 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».    134k 500 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».    142k 501 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».    108k
502 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   69k 503 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   88k 504 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   84k
505 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   204k 506 Поселок «Сокол». Village «Sokol».    168k 507 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   166k
508 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   161k 509 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   124k 510 Поселок «Сокол».  Village «Sokol».   183k


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