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Rambler's Top100
Saunter about Moscow. Sokol - North potamic station.

     Park Friendship was place near station metro "River station". This Park was executing in 1957 in time of Festival Young and Student in Moscow.
     Author of project North potamic station was architect Ruhlaev, Krinskiy, sculptor Efimov, artist Danko. The Building has been long 150 m.The Building North potamic station was decorated arch and alure. Tower with taper has been height 85 m.
     North potamic station was open synchronously with canal Moscow-Volga in 1937.

Sokol - North potamic station.
600 Новые дома и магазин около метро Сокол.  
New houses and shop is place near Metro Sokol.     118k 601 Голубая ель в парке Дружба. 
 Blue spruce is place in park Friendship.      153k 602 Парк Дружба. 
 Park Friendship.      134k
603 Северный речной вокзал. 
North potamic station.      104k 604 Церковь в Парке Дружба. 
Church in Park Friendship.      175k 605 Парк Дружба. 
Park Friendship.      174k
616  Парк Дружба.   Park Friendship.      139k 617  Парк Дружба.   Park Friendship.      275k 618  Парк Дружба.   Park Friendship.      105k
619  Березовый узор.   Birchen tracery.      382k 620  Слон. Стойка на хоботе.   Jumbo. Stance on proboscis.      102k 621  Парк Дружба.   Park Friendship.      177k
606 Северный речной вокзал. 
North potamic station.      235k


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