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Afterdark Moscow photos. Pushkin Square.

     Monument for Pushkin in Pushkin Square was talented work of sculptor Opekushin. This monument is symbol of our Town. Monument was fix up in Tverskoy boulevard in 1880. The money for making monument was agglomerate to subscribe 84 thousand ruble. All Beautiful People was participant for making the monument. First Pushkin holiday was opening in summer 1880, when the monument was fix up.

Pushkin Square.
460 Пушкинская площадь.  Square of Pushkin. 141k 461 Пушкинская площадь.  Square of Pushkin. 116k 462 Театр им. Ленинского Комсомола (ЛЕНКОМ). LENKOM  Theatre. 114k
463 Пушкинская площадь.  Square of Pushkin. 114k 464 Пушкинская площадь.  Square of Pushkin.    83k 465 Здание полиграфического комбината Известия. 
Полностью отдано на откуп внешней рекламе.  The Building of Izvestia. 
The walls of building was poster.     125k


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