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Afterdark Moscow photos. Red Square.

     Church "Vasiliy Blagenniy" was look beautiful under night light.
     Extraordinaly view of church was motive for legend about architect this church was foreigner. Tsar Ivan Grozniy was asking architect "Can him upbuid church better that?" The architect was answered - "Yes". Tsar was command blinded architect.
     That legend was devisable foreigners in XVII century.
     Church "Vasiliy Blagenniy" was upbuid in 1560 as memorial take Kazan and that is really cathedral building. Architects were putting in one basement nine thrones.
     This unique building is one in Russian. The name of architects was Postnik and Barma. No one was upbuid analogical building in XVI century.

Red Square afterdark
347 Красная площадь.  Red Square.   88k 341 Красная площадь.   Red Square.  145k 349 Красная площадь.  Red Square.  103k
355 Красная площадь.  Red Square.  150k 356 Красная площадь.  Red Square.  238k 348 Красная площадь.  Red Square.  119k
351 Красная площадь. Red Square.   88k 352 Красная площадь. Red Square.   80k 354 Красная площадь.  Red Square.  118k


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