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Complex Riverside Towers. Moscow. Photos 2005.

     "Riverside Towers" is situated at one of the most fascinating and convenient sites in Moscow - on the tip of the Kremlin Island between the Moscow River and the Obvodny Channel. The complex resembles a small city designed in the traditional style of a Russian monastery with buildings of a variety of scales laid out in different forms. Adjacent to Moscow's Inner "Garden Ring" road, "Riverside Towers" offers direct access to all parts of the city.
     The Business Center is part of a large cultural and business complex - the Russian Cultural Center - which is going to spread over seven hectares of riverfront property on the tip of the Kremlin Island.

Complex Riverside Towers.
305  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».  Complex  «Riverside Towers» 115k 306  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».   Complex  «Riverside Towers» 155k 307  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».   Complex  «Riverside Towers» 130k
308  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».  Complex  «Riverside Towers»  122k 309  Флюгер 1.   Wind vane 1   84k 310  Флюгер 2.   Wind vane 2     90k
628  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».  Complex  «Riverside Towers»  163k 629  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».  Complex  «Riverside Towers»  144k 630  Комплекс «Riverside Towers».  Complex  «Riverside Towers»  100k


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