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VDNH (Exhibition achivment popular economy). Moscow. Photos 2005.

     All-Union exhibition was working in Moscow in 1959-91 y. Place of VDNH was been 7 complex and 82 pavilion with all area 200 000 sq m. and near 50 hectare bleak area for show beamy enginery.
     300 international and foreign exhibition was been hear every year. 11 million visitors were attending this exhibition every year.
     The name is All-Russian exhibitional centrum (VVC) in 1992.

VDNH (Exhibition achivment popular economy).
110  На такой ракете 44 года назад поднялся в космос Юрий Гагарин.
Juriy Gagarin  outsoar in outer spase internaly this dawn rocket 44 years ago. 167k 111 Город Мастеров.   Boomtown of artificer. 210k 112  Циoлковский.  Tsiolkovsky.  99k
113 В Д Н Х.   VDNH.  154k 114 В Д Н Х. Беседка.    VDNH.Garden-hourse. 179k 115 В Д Н Х.    VDNH.  172k
116 В Д Н Х.    VDNH.   78k 117 В Д Н Х.   VDNH.   181k 118 В Д Н Х.    VDNH.   228k
870 В Д Н Х.    VDNH.   133k 871 В Д Н Х.   VDNH.   120k 872 В Д Н Х.    VDNH.   98k


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