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Museum-farmstead Ostankino. Moscow. Photos 2005.

     Ostankinsky Castle was up build affluent and highborn Comte Sheremetiev after 1792. Ancestry of Sheremetiev was getting Ostankino in 1743 as dowry for your mother, princess Cherkasskaja. Kuskovo was basic residency for his mom and dad and so Ostankino was housewares meaning before end of XVIII century.
     Project of Castle was made fameful russian architect Camporezy, Brenn and Satarov. Building was made bonded architect Mironov and Argunov. The Castle was realize from timber, bat the walls look as lithic after plasterwork.
     Unfortunately, the Castle is demand reconstruction at now. Bat, Funfair Park, which place near Castle, is a beautiful.

Museum-farmstead Ostankino.
390 Беседка.  Garden-house. 183k 391 Скульптура.  Imagery. 156k 392 Осень в Останкино.  Autumn in Ostankino. 147k
393 Молодожены.  The newly-weds. 168k 394 Осень в Останкино. Autumn in Ostankino.  67k 395 Аполлон. Apollo.  107k
396 Осень в Останкино. Autumn in Ostankino.  58k 397 Утки в Останкинском пруду.  The duck ih pond of Ostankino. 69k 398 Музей-усадьба Останкино.  Museum-farmstead Ostankino. 194k


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