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Country seat Izmajlovo. Moscow. Photos 2005.

     Romanovy-Jurievy has been Country seat Izmajlovo in XVI century before 1652. The Ethel was donatives in Prikaz Big Castle and was become Country seat of czar in 1652. The region of Country seat was extend as Cherkizovo on north to Gireevo and Kuskovo on south, as Semenovskoe on west to Pokrovskoe on east.
     Country seat Izmajlovo has been 548 homestead of husbandman and 216 homestead of artisan in 1663. Homestead was emigrating from Koldom region, Perejaslavl-Zalessky region, Lit ova region, Valday region and Alatyrsky region. Only 183 homesteads was conserving in Izmajlovo after insurrection of Stepan Razin (1666-1667) .

Country seat Izmajlovo.
250  Часовня.  Chapel. 150k 251  Церковь.  Church. 143k 252  В парке.  Into park 185k
253  Измайлово.  Izmajlovo.  150k 254  Вход в имение.  Entry in stead. 167k 255  Церковь.  Church. 99k
256  Церковь.  Church. 110k 257  Измайлово.  Izmajlovo.  92k 258  Выход из имения.  Exit from stead. 118k
259  Измайлово.  Izmajlovo. 95k 260  Измайлово. Izmajlovo.  236k 261  Измайлово. Мельница. Izmajlovo.  Smock mill.  74k


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