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Nature reserv Kolomenskoe. Moscow. Photos 2005.

     Governmental museum-conservation area «Kolomenskoe» was executed in 1924 into place old-established country seat of Superlative Russian princes and Czars. Complex monument of history, architecture, archaeology, geology and nature was place into small area. Museum was place in situ two avital village - Kolomenskoe and Diakovo.
     Unfortunately, part building of museum was renovated at now.

Nature reserv Kolomenskoe.
120 Врата.  Gate. 120k 121 Коломенское. Церковь.  Kolomenskoe. Church. 76k 122 Старинный дом.  Antique house. 180k
123 Лестница.  A staircase. 160k 124 Пруд. Pond.  151k 125 Деревянная часовня.  Timbered chapel. 130k
126 Треуголка XIX века.  Tricorn XIX cenury. 54k 127 Яблоневый сад.   Apple orchard.  218k 128 Пруд. Pond.   144k
129 Звонница.  Belfry.   49k 130 Коломенское. Москва-река.  Kolomenskoe. Moscow-river. 55k 131 Коломенское. Москва-река. Kolomenskoe. Moscow-river.  81k


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