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Zoo of Moscow. Photos 2005.

     Zoo of Moscow was place in downtown. This Zoo is a first-string and far-back of our country. The Zoo was executed in 1864. The collection of zoo has been 6094 holotype and 1001 class of animal.
     I can not make photos of all animal; bat collection of photos will be replaced. Другие фотографии зверей из зоопарка, можно посмотреть здесь.

Zoo and several animals.
311 Московский зоопарк.  Zoo of Moscow.  110k 312 А может Дарвин прав?    May be Darwin was right?  135k 313 Московский зоопарк.  Zoo of Moscow.  122k
314 Розовые фламинго.   Aurorean flamingo 135k 315 Жираф большой. Ему видней.   Big  portraite of   giraffe 61k 316 Зеркало.   Mirror 100k
317 Зеленая волна.   Green  wave.  148k 318 Журавль венценосный.    Chane  crowned. 156k 319 Не мешайте спать белому тигру.  Do not balk to sleep white  tiger. 163k
320 Не замочив лап.   Do not bedabble  paws. 194k 321 Зебра.     Zebra.   190k 322 Медведь белый.  Blue bear.  92k
323 Медведь бурый.   Brown bear. 182k 324 Медведь губач.   Sloth-bear. 200k 325 Тигр.   Tiger. 177k
667 Верблюд.   Camel. 162k 668 Орел.   Eagle. 110k 669 Верблюдица.   Camel. 199k


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     I made personally all photos in my site. All photos are my ownership. You have not licensed to sell copy of my photos.
     You have not licensed commercial management copy of my photos. You can publish copy of my photos only with citation on my site.

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