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Rambler's Top100
Park Kuskovo. Moscow. Photos 2005.

     Museum-country seat and park Kuskovo was well-preserved ample Barton in Moscow from XVIII century. Exuberant summerly residency of count Sheremetiev was creating with "countless host consolation and agreeability". Here was creating many theatrical holiday and populous saunter.
     Near 20 unique architecnure memorial was well-preserved. That is Mansion, Grotto, Big lithic conservatory, atique church and other. You can see French regular park with marble sculpture, ponds and quaint pavilions at now.

Park Kuskovo.
097 Парк Кусково. Дворец.   Park Kuskovo.  Castle. 242k 098 Парк Кусково.  Park Kuskovo.  263k 099 Парк Кусково. Эрмитаж.   Park Kuskovo.  Hermitage.  167k
100 Парк Кусково. Главный вход большой каменной оранжереи.   Park Kuskovo.   Portal of Big lithic conservatory.  342k 101 Парк Кусково.  Павильон Грот.   Park Kuskovo. Box set  Grotto. 158k 102 Парк Кусково. Колокольня.   Park Kuskovo. Belfry. 173k
103 Парк Кусково.  Park Kuskovo.  342k 104 Парк Кусково. Вольер для птиц.  Park Kuskovo.   Aviary for bird.   314k 105 Парк Кусково.  Park Kuskovo.  173k
106 Парк Кусково.  Park Kuskovo.  172k 107 Парк Кусково.   Park Kuskovo.  195k 108 Парк Кусково.  Park Kuskovo.  208k
109 Парк Кусково. Большой пруд.  Park Kuskovo.  Big pond.   124k


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